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2015 the year of Challenge

Ten works completed
Permanent Winter
Burr Oak l
Burr Oak ll
Autumn Aspens
All Things Precious
All Things Precious ll
Line Challenge
Tree Exploration

1 Book
2 magazines
2 national email ads

5 exhibitions
Sold 4 works
3 requests for custom work

2015 the year of Challenge, the first complete year without Sean.
Letting God lead us to a new normal
Trusting not in our own understanding
Tears and more tears
John and I working together to comfort each and support our daughter and her family

loving our dear friends and letting them love us
Allowing our beautiful grandchildren to fill the void
Not feeling guilty when true joy comes although fleeting
The creative spark waxing like the moon, expressing inside emotions
Learning how to take care of ourselves and help others

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  • I Love Heishi Beads

I was so excited to use the perfect medium olive green beads. Imagine my disappointment when I opened the package and saw the ends were white!  I use them vertically on my artwork so a bunch of little white circles looked miserable on my green silk. Quick Jean Think Fast! Aha nothing a matching marker can’t fix. Out of my box of 100 one is bound to be exactly right. Yes individually colored but perfect! We all have our special talents!



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