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2015 the year of Challenge

Nine works completed
Burr Oak l
Burr Oak ll
Autumn Aspens
All Things Precious
All Things Precious ll
Line Challenge
Tree Exploration

1 Book
2 magazines
2 national email ads

5 exhibitions
Sold 4 works
3 requests for custom work

2015 the year of Challenge, the first complete year without Sean.
Letting God lead us to a new normal
Trusting not in our own understanding
Tears and more tears
John and I working together to comfort each and support our daughter and her family

loving our dear friends and letting them love us
Allowing our beautiful grandchildren to fill the void
Not feeling guilty when true joy comes although fleeting
The creative spark waxing like the moon, expressing inside emotions
Learning how to take care of ourselves and help others

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IQA quilt show review by Kathy Schmidt

Show in review
by quirksltd

Had a last minute opportunity to hop on a bus and head for Chicago to see the IQA Show. I’m not one to miss a chance like that, so off I went.
The red and white quilt display was spectacular! The selection of quilts from the “500” was also wonderful. Loved visiting the vendors and the Open Studios demos were great to have. But my heart was taken by the SAQA exhibits. I took some pictures–yes, I remembered to take my camera!
This is what I will remember from the 2015 IQA Chicago show——–

The Prairie Burr Oak by Jean Sredl

The Prairie Burr Oak

The Prairie Burr Oak

Prairie Burr Osk quilt show review wm 2

Line Dance, Tree Ring Patterns, var. 12 by Barbara Schneider

Rooflines #2 by Colleen Kole

Rough Bark by Marianne Williamson

Reflections Reflecting, Peggy Brown

Reading Matter by Sally Hutson

Silver Birch Grove by Sandra Poteet

Dotting Inside the Box by Sandi Snow

Social Networking by Phyllis Campbell, quilted by Monica Gum
There were others, but these……………just wow!
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Look what happens when you take down the old shades (never throw them away)

Pulling down the shades in my daughters old room, I looked at the fibers closely and thought “What if?”


So I poured on the soda ash and sprinkled on the dye.


I took it all apart ripped out the threads holding them together and voila!


Does this say grass to you? Does anyone know what kind of fiber this might be?