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Accepted at Fantastic Fibers 2015


Here I am bragging about myself again. I am so excited! Acceptances are still very exciting to me.
This is one of the first pieces finished after Sean’s death. I thought I’d lost my ability to be creative.
Truly an affirmation. Here is a detail shot.



I sewed each stitch with care; most of them in the infusion lab at the University of Chicago cancer center. It’s my favorite color scheme with lots and lots of deconstructed yarn stitching, yarn tunneling, over a hand died fabric collage of just about everything. It includes hand dyed silks, wools, wool felt, cottons, linen and more linen, and fabric paints. It is finished in a wonky unbalanced crooked over-sized blanket stitch.

Stop in at the Yeiser Arts Center 200 Broadway, Paducah, KY from April 11th to June 6th. I must quote a friend here in appropriate high English, “Yippie! Skippie!

6 thoughts on “Accepted at Fantastic Fibers 2015

  1. congratulations! every win, every award, every image finished is reason to Celebrate ! well done 🙂 its a lovely creation

  2. As I always say at good news…Yippie Skippie! You should be excited Jeannie. You are becoming a force to be reckoned with.
    **i posted this earlier but it didn’t show up. It might show up twice, and if it does it means double kudos!***

  3. Only time will tell Jeannie. I’m really tired of the queen bee stuff going on in the other place, it has made me gun shy about groups!

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