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Old linen a new way


At a recent estate sale, I bought a ton of old really old textured linen (for $1) It had been hand embroidered in a very strange duck and tree pattern. After about 2 months of ripping out a little here a little there. I dyed it today. Flat dying is so wonderful. You get two sides to each piece.

Here is the back of the linen, nice but …

green back

Here is the front! Now that is better! We are having fun in my big old under appliance pan.

green front

2 thoughts on “Old linen a new way

  1. Lovely!!! This is one of my favorite colors. I’m happy to hear about someone else who engages with the cloth from start to finish like I do. Ripping out those stitches gives you an intimate connection with each piece as it tells you what it wants to become.

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