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Hand dyeing fabric in the winter

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Well what do you do to get your fabric dyeing fix? It’s below zero and you can’t hang anything outside on the clothesline. I use my trusty (and rusty) old under appliance pan from Menard’s (for about $9) It’s about 36 inches square a very convenient size


The light keeps the fabric warm for hours of batching. Here are my latest results.
Using two layer of fabric, here is linen, parts of and old bamboo shade, and cotton gauze (from my bike crash.) I just sprinkle the dry dye powder directly on the prepared fabric (soda ash & urea.) Then I smoosh it around like finger painting until I like it. Last step is to simply drop the top layer over the bottom layer and watch the dye wick through. It’s amazing what it will do. You of course have no control which is the fun part. Here are some results.

Here is the top layer of linen:


Here is the bottom layer

This is the first layer with the dye sprinkled directly on top

This is the first layer with the dye sprinkled directly on top

Wool felt acid dyed same process in my NuWave Oven!


More hand dyed silk supplies for my next project


All of this dyeing frenzy is preparing supplies for a new project which will be primarily a green fabric collage process. Here are some additional supplies. These are all silk and wool art yarn hand spun and hand dyed.

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