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Two Ply Silk Art Yarn


Raw silk from a pack of silk hankies was spun into two separate single ply yarns. Then I spun the two single ply yarns onto a core yarn of orange/brown sari silk yarn. Making it thick & thin is easy just push the yarn toward the spindle to make thicker portions or even coils and balls.

Here it is. Now that’s better! I just love the messy texture.

silk hankie art yarn

2 thoughts on “Two Ply Silk Art Yarn

  1. Pretty! I sold my spinning wheel but kept a couple of drop spindles. I had visions of wonderful art yarns but it is a totally different skill set from other fiber art skills. I have an 8 ft. wall full of wonderful yarns, looms and tools to find new homes for now. I always get into something whole hog and then expect some pig farmer to get me out of the stye I created!

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