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My Happiness a repost from my A4 Art quilt play group

My Happiness is one of the earliest recorded songs from Elvis in 1953. Recorded with just his guitar and voice in the key of C, My Happiness gives us a glimpse of his greatness to come.

For me however my happiness has come to mean a plethora of paints, piles of fabric, mounds of fibers, yards & yards of yarns, beads, threads, silks, gauze, metallics…Need I say more?

Or maybe you prefer this version

My first time using a camera app on my IPhone since my studio is in boxes temporarily

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My Son Sean 5/5/1986 -10/25/2014 into the arms of Jesus

Some of you know my son was gravely ill with advanced cancer. After a short courageous battle, Sean passed away on October 25, 2014
We have recently learned that Blue Cross has denied coverage of his genetic testing. We are requesting financial help through Give Forward. If you would like to help or learn more here is the link:”
Thank you and God Bless


An Elvis Presley Song

One of my quilting groups theme is “An Elvis Presley Song”  but which one? The most recorded voice in history ranging over several decades – how to choose?

I’m looking at “In the Ghetto” being a Chicagoan, we have terrible discrimination in our city.

Or perhaps “All Shook Up” but that’s such a well-known song.  Hmm… Blue Suede Shoes? I used to have a pair – should have saved the leather.

We shall see…


Two Ply Silk Art Yarn

Raw silk from a pack of silk hankies was spun into two separate single ply yarns. Then I spun the two single ply yarns onto a core yarn of orange/brown sari silk yarn. Making it thick & thin is easy just push the yarn toward the spindle to make thicker portions or even coils and balls.

Here it is. Now that’s better! I just love the messy texture.

silk hankie art yarn


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