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An Elvis Presley Song

One of my quilting groups theme is “An Elvis Presley Song”  but which one? The most recorded voice in history ranging over several decades – how to choose?

I’m looking at “In the Ghetto” being a Chicagoan, we have terrible discrimination in our city.

Or perhaps “All Shook Up” but that’s such a well-known song.  Hmm… Blue Suede Shoes? I used to have a pair – should have saved the leather.

We shall see…


Two Ply Silk Art Yarn

Raw silk from a pack of silk hankies was spun into two separate single ply yarns. Then I spun the two single ply yarns onto a core yarn of orange/brown sari silk yarn. Making it thick & thin is easy just push the yarn toward the spindle to make thicker portions or even coils and balls.

Here it is. Now that’s better! I just love the messy texture.

silk hankie art yarn


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